LW Dream Jackets

Another Jacket collab with Vinnies but this time they threw me some light blue canvases and gave me a prompt, said they wanted the pieces to be revolved around dreams. I obliged when I heard that I immediately thought about surrealism. Funny thing is I had just watched Salvador Dali's documentary on Netflix so I was already keyed up on the concept. I'm no stranger to Lucid Dreams myself so I knew I'd have fun with it. I started with some sketches first.


After I hashed out the details on the jackets, composition, shading and everything I started working on the actual pieces, I stayed in the studio night and day. Locked in and focused, my dedication allowed me to experiment and gain a lot of experience with my paint style in a short period of time. The murals I did up until this point helped with the blending, the necessary techniques and the speed of my painting.