Marvel for NFL + NBA

So to add to my low key creative presence in sports I had a couple more opportunities to create for some key players in the NFL and the NBA. These situations actually fell into my lap thru my homegirl Neemo. She asked me to put together a present for her friend Tru who plays for the Rams. After that the flood gates opened and I was able to make a few more birthdays lit with customized art pieces.

This is the Piece I did for tru, Neemo sent me a video of him holding it but that shit got lost with my last phone, he fucked with it tho, all that matters.

The Last one I did that I feel like was the most involved was the one for Stefon Diggs

With this one I got creative with it. Wanted it to be more personal especially since shorty that commissioned it for him had a few sentimental concepts she wanted me to throw in there.

These are some of the others