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I started tattooing in 2013 as an apprentice at Think Before You Ink Tattoo studio in Queens NY. I was surrounded by elite black tattoo artists, legends that I'm proud to say are my mentors.

My tattoo style is based on my drawing style, and I enjoy collaborating on pieces with my clients. With my background in graphic design I aim to make every experience custom and memorable. I take my work very seriously and approach it with professionalism.


If you're interested in getting a tattoo, you can book by clicking the button below.

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Design + Production Management

Sticky Feathers is a design and creative company, we specialize in brand identity, clothing design, production management and event design. Since 2012 we have been blessed to be able to collaborate with many small businesses and global companies to create innovative designs and bring new ideas to life.


We are always open to working on new projects with other creatives and support the growth of emerging businesses. Hit the start a project button and lets build.

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